Kogas Signs MOUs for Development of Alaska LNG, Port Arthur Projects

The Alaska Journal of Commerce reports that Alaska Gasline Development Corporation and Korea Gas Corporation (Kogas) have signed a memorandum of understanding to establish a joint committee to collaborate on the development of the proposed Alaska LNG project. According to the article, “Kogas is the main LNG buyer in South Korea and the second-largest corporate LNG buyer in the world.”

Separately, Kogas signed an MOU with Sempra LNG & Midstream, LLC and Woodside Energy (USA), Inc. regarding the development of the proposed Port Arthur LNG liquefaction project in Port Arthur, Texas. According to the press release, the “MOU provides a framework for cooperation and joint discussion by the parties regarding key aspects of the Port Arthur LNG project, including engineering and construction works, operations and maintenance activities, feed gas sourcing, offtake of LNG and KOGAS as a potential purchaser of LNG from, and equity participant in, the Port Arthur LNG project.”

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