Open Season Underway for Alaska LNG Capacity

Alaska Gasline Development Corp. (AGDC) has announced the commencement of a foundation customer capacity solicitation to determine the foundation customers who wish to reserve capacity on the proposed Alaska LNG Project. “The capacity solicitation presents an opportunity for North Slope gas resource owners and other qualified parties to subscribe to capacity on the Alaska LNG system.” According to a Peninsula Clarion report, the capacity solicitation, which will runs from June 15 through August 31, 2017, is nonbinding and is intended to “give AGDC an idea as to how much interest the market really has in the Alaska LNG Project.” The press release states that “[t]hroughout the capacity solicitation process, AGDC will continue to directly market to LNG buyers in the Asia-Pacific region, and will reserve transferable capacity on the Alaska LNG system to accommodate those volumes for customers that prefer to purchase LNG at the jetty rather than become a capacity holder.”


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