What Is This Blog?

LNGLawBlog.com is your first and last daily stop for LNG developments in North American law, policy and news. We post multiple entries every weekday morning, with afternoon or weekend postings as events demand. Our goal is to get accurate information online as quickly as possible.

Can You Have a Blog that Just Reports Developments?

Absolutely. A blog is just a series of dated entries posted online. In our case, our dated entries cover current events affecting the LNG industry and, when appropriate, our analysis of such events. We do not post opinions, speculation or rumors.

Do You Take a Position About LNG?

Our law firm counsels private and governmental clients on LNG matters. We believe that U.S. LNG imports and exports and the related infrastructure are part of the global energy market, and that LNG terminals should and could be constructed consistent with attention to legitimate environmental, safety and security concerns. This blog, however, does not take any position about LNG or any particular project. We post all relevant, publicly available information. Relevance is our only filter.

Can I Contact You?

Yes, please do. Let us know by  lnglawblog@eversheds-sutherland.com if there is a development you think we may have missed, a topic you’d like to see analyzed, research functionality you’d like to suggest, or any other matter of interest regarding LNG or our blog.

Legal Advice

Our LNG blog obviously is not a source of legal or regulatory advice. If you require such guidance, please contact your LNG lawyer. You can visit us at www.eversheds-sutherland.com.