Jordan Cove Energy Project Requests Rehearing of FERC’s Order Denying LNG Export Terminal Application

Jordan Cove Energy Project, L.P. and Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline, LP (together, Applicants) have filed a request for rehearing of FERC’s March 11, 2016 order which rejected, based on lack of market support, Applicants’ applications to construct and operate an LNG export terminal at Coos Bay, Ore., and an interconnected pipeline.  On rehearing, Applicants argue that FERC should:

(1) Reverse its order and issue the requested authorizations because recently executed agreements demonstrate need for the Project;

(2) Either issue the requested authorizations, subject to conditions, or keep the record open to receive further evidence,

(3) Issue the requested authorizations because the Project was found to have no significant adverse environmental impacts and significant positive regional and national economic benefits which “outweigh the unquantified risk that the power of eminent domain might be needed to obtain some portion of the required right of way[;]”

(4) Ensure that the Project will not go forward without sufficient customer agreements in place, such as by conditioning the exercise of the power of eminent domain on the execution of precedent agreements.


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