FERC Denies Jordan Cove Energy Project’s Application to Construct LNG Export Terminal

Today, FERC issued an order denying Jordan Cove Energy Project’s application to construct an LNG export terminal at Coos Bay, Ore. and Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline’s application to construct an interconnected pipeline.  Regarding the interconnected pipeline, FERC found that “Pacific Connector has presented little or no evidence of need” for the pipeline, stating that “Pacific Connector has neither entered into any precedent agreements for its project, nor conducted an open season, which might (or might not) have resulted in ‘expressions of interest’ the company could have claimed as indicia of demand.”  Regarding the LNG export terminal, FERC found that “without a source of natural gas, proposed here to be delivered by the Pacific Connector Pipeline, it will be impossible for Jordan Cove’s liquefaction facility to function” and, therefore, “the proposed Jordan Cove LNG Terminal can provide no benefit to the public to counterbalance any of the impacts which would be associated with its construction.”






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