FERC Staff Responds to Pivotal LNG Transportation Request

Today, FERC sent a letter to Pivotal LNG in response to its request for one time authority to transport LNG via containers to a customer in Puerto Rico pending action on Pivotal LNG’s petition for declaratory order (PDO) on LNG jurisdictional issues.  In the letter, FERC Staff stated that since the Commission has not yet acted on Pivotal LNG’s PDO, “if Pivotal LNG proceeds with this transaction in good faith based on its position in its petition for declaratory order that it does not need to file an application for NGA authorization, staff would not recommend any type of investigation or enforcement action if the Commission reaches a different conclusion when it acts on Pivotal LNG’s petition for declaratory order.”  The letter can be found here, and the complete docket for Pivotal LNG’s PDO can be found on eLibrary under Docket No. RP14-732.

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