Pivotal LNG Requests One-Time Authority to Transport LNG to Puerto Rico

Pending FERC action on Pivotal LNG’s petition for declaratory order (PDO) regarding LNG transportation on an expedited based, Pivotal has requested a one-time authorization from FERC by August 7, 2014 to sell approximately 30,000 gallons of LNG via ISO containers starting August 11, 2014, for subsequent transportation by truck and waterborne vessel to Puerto Rico.  Pivotal explained that one of its customers intends to use the LNG at issue for the purposes of start-up and equipment-testing at a manufacturing plant in Puerto Rico as it converts its fuel supply from diesel to natural gas.  Pivotal’s request can be found here, and the complete docket for Pivotal’s PDO can be found on eLibrary by searching Docket No. RP14-732.

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