FERC Addresses Request for Rehearing and Clarification in Kenai LNG Proceeding

This morning FERC issued an Order on Rehearing and Clarifying Prior Order in the Kenai LNG proceeding. In the order, FERC states that the existing Kenai LNG liquefaction terminal is not expected to conform to the current standards for construction and operation, but any future modifications or expansions will be held to the standards in effect at such time. In addition, FERC clarifies that joint owners ConocoPhillips Alaska Natural Gas Corporation and Marathon Oil Company are required to file the same reports for the Kenai terminal that are filed for other LNG facilities, and the Kenai terminal is not subject to an annual charge to offset the administrative expenses of enforcing the Natural Gas Act. FERC’s order is available in the eLibrary under Docket No. CP09-34-001.

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