Weaver’s Cove Energy Initiates FERC Pre-Filing Process for New Project Concept

Last week Weaver’s Cove Energy filed a request that FERC initiate its National Environmental Policy Act (“NEPA”) pre-filing review of the developer’s revised offshore unloading concept. The request is styled as an amendment to FERC’s previous authorization for the company to site, construct, and operate an LNG terminal in Fall River, Mass. Weaver’s Cove Energy’s pre-filing request is available in FERC’s eLibrary under  Docket No. PF08-18.

Separately, the Providence Journal reports that Gordon Shearer, CEO of Weaver’s Cove Energy, appeared before a meeting of Selectmen in Somerset, R.I., regarding the offshore unloading proposal. Shearer said he expected that the offshore unloading concept would cost the company $150 million more than the original project design.

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