In Depth: Continuing Coverage from Gastech 2006 Conference in Abu Dhabi

Day 2

Today’s panel discussions at the Gastech 2006 Conference focused on technological advances and investment in the LNG shipping industry. In particular, Sergey Frank, chief executive officer of Sovcomflot, addressed technological advances in arctic LNG vessels; Nicolas Saverys, chief executive officer of Exmar NV, discussed vessels with on-board regasification capabilities. More broadly, panelists spoke on shipping issues involving propulsion systems and the next generation of LNG carriers, and they also offered commentary on the global gas industry.

Day 1

On Monday, December 4, His Highness the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Lt-General Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan opened the Gastech 2006 Conference. Joining him at the opening session were Ministers of Energy from the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. His Highness and the Ministers discussed plans for increased investment in energy infrastructure to meet increased worldwide demand. 

The president of ConocoPhillips, Jim Mulva told attendees that the LNG industry as a whole needs to find more effective means to compete with other energy sources of supply such as coal during times of high demand for materials ranging from cement to steel.  Tony Meggs, Group Vice-President for Technology at BP, spoke of the need to attract and promote highly skilled personnel to meet growing energy demand.

In today’s panel discussions, speakers focused on the state of and challenges facing the growing LNG spot market. Technical aspects related to improving the efficiency of LNG facilities and the commercial viability of gas to liquids technologies were also addressed during today’s morning session.

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