“Significant Progress” Made on Crown Landing Vessel Transit Management Plan

In a letter submitted to FERC on September 14, BP’s Crown Landing LLC provided an update regarding the development of a Vessel Transit Management Plan (TMP) for its proposed LNG terminal on the Delaware River.  According to the letter, “significant progress” has been made by the TMP Development Committee, which was established by the Coast Guard Captain of the Port for Sector Delaware Bay, in the development of the TMP.  The TMP, a “critical step” in the development of the comprehensive Emergency Response Plan, includes a cost-sharing plan and identifies “necessary linkages” with existing state and local ERPs in Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  The working groups are expected to conclude their work between September and November of this year. The letter, including the TMP Committee Charter as an attachment, is available in the FERC e-Library in Docket No. CP04-411.

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