North Bend Council Disapproves of Jordan Cove Pipeline; Coos Bay Council Reserves Judgment

The World reports that the North Bend City Council sent a one-sentence statement to FERC last week to express its opposition to the construction of the pipeline associated with the Jordan Cove LNG terminal.  Meanwhile, the Coos Bay City Council remains undecided about the pipeline and has asked city staff to research the positions taken by North Bend and others, and to report its findings at the next council meeting.  Coos Bay councilor Jeff McKeown said that, while he is still undecided about the Jordan Cove project, he takes some “comfort” in the fact that the Japanese Tokuyama Corp. may site a polysilicon manufacturing plant near the Jordan Cove terminal.  “That is a $600 million project…[t]hat company wouldn’t locate there if they didn’t consider this to be a safe location,” according to McKeown.

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