CLNG and USEA Host Briefing on DOE LNG Forums

The Center for LNG and the US Energy Association today hosted a briefing in Washington, DC, for the Department of Energy to present its views from the three regional LNG forums held in Boston, Astoria, OR, and Los Angeles. Jim Slutz from DOE’s Office of Fossil Energy expressed appreciation to Congress for having the foresight to include the forums mandate in the Energy Policy Act of 2005.  Slutz also noted that DOE is in the process of trying to schedule an additional forum on the Gulf Coast later this year. 

Bob Corbin, also from DOE, indicated that DOE is in the process of developing a “frequently asked questions” section of the LNG forums website, based on the comments and questions the panelists received at the forums.  DOE’s LNG forum website is here.  Finally, Coast Guard Captain Lorne Thomas noted that the Coast Guard will be adjusting the risk mitigation processes to account for the larger LNG vessels, since the original Sandia report was based on 148,000 m3 vessels.

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