FERC Denies Rehearing of Texas LNG Brownsville and Annova LNG Brownsville Project Authorizations

FERC has denied requests for rehearing of its orders authorizing construction and operation of the proposed Texas LNG Brownsville and Annova LNG Brownsville liquefaction and LNG export projects on the Brownsville Ship Channel in Cameron County, Texas. Rehearing was requested by Sierra Club and others alleging that FERC failed to adequately consider the projects’ environmental and other impacts. In denying rehearing, FERC stated that approval of the projects was not inconsistent with the public interest. Although the Final Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) for the projects identified some adverse environmental impacts, the Commission found that the projects, if constructed and operated as described in the Final EIS’s with required conditions, were environmentally acceptable actions. In both orders denying rehearing, Commissioner Glick issued a dissenting statement and Commissioner McNamee issued a concurring statement.


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