FERC Releases Final EIS for the Annova LNG Project

FERC has released the final environmental impact statement (EIS) for the proposed Annova LNG Project consisting of a liquefaction and LNG export terminal on the Brownsville Ship Channel in Cameron County, Texas. The final EIS “concludes that approval of the Project would result in adverse environmental impacts. With the mitigation measures recommended in the EIS and Annova’s proposed mitigation measures, most impacts in the Project area would be avoided or minimized and would not be significant. However, the Project would have significant construction noise impacts during the six months of nighttime pile-driving. In addition, the Annova LNG Project combined with other projects within the geographic scope, including the Texas LNG and Rio Grande LNG Projects, would contribute to potential significant cumulative impacts from construction noise during nighttime pile-driving, sediment/turbidity and shoreline erosion within the Brownsville Ship Channel during operations from vessel transits; on the federally listed ocelot and jaguarundi from habitat loss in combination with past actions and potential for increased vehicular strikes during construction; on the federally listed aplomado falcon from habitat loss in combination with past actions; and on visual resources from the presence of aboveground structures. Construction and operation of the Project would result in mostly temporary or short-term environmental impacts; however, some long-term and permanent environmental impacts would occur.”

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