DOE Releases January 2019 U.S. LNG Export Data

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has released data on exports of U.S.-produced LNG through January 2019. The data show the top five countries of destination, representing 54.9% of total U.S. LNG exports, as Japan (17.5 Bcf), South Korea (17.0 Bcf), Mexico (14.3 Bcf), Italy (10.5 Bcf), and the United Kingdom (10.4 Bcf). The data also show that 37 vessel-borne cargoes were shipped during January 2019 from the Sabine Pass terminal in Louisiana (28), the Dominion Cove Point terminal in Maryland (6), and the Corpus Christi terminal in Texas (3). Fourteen cargoes of LNG (28 MMcf total) were shipped in ISO containers to the Bahamas in January 2019. In total, 126.8 Bcf of LNG was exported from the U.S. during January 2019, which is a 75.3% increase from January 2018.

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