Alaska Gasline Development Not Cooperating With FERC Information Requests

FERC has sent another request for information to Alaska Gasline Development Corporation (AGDC), sponsor of the Alaska LNG liquefaction and export terminal project. FERC states that this latest request includes “several requests for information that have been made multiple times during the pre-filing review phase, as well as in the current application review, for which an adequate response has not yet been received.” FERC notes that “[i]n [AGDC’s] previous responses to requests for study results, AGDC has stated that because these studies are not required by the state or other entities, AGDC will not provide the information (e.g., sediment modeling, health impact assessment, etc.).” FERC further states that “[i]ncomplete responses and the reissuances of requests for information will affect the schedule for completing the environmental review [of AGDC’s project].


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