FERC Denies Rehearing of Order Authorizing Lake Charles LNG Export Project

FERC has issued an order denying Sierra Club’s request for rehearing of the order authorizing construction and operation of the Lake Charles LNG export terminal in Calcasieu Parish, La.  FERC denied Sierra Club’s arguments that FERC’s National Environmental Policy Act analysis of the project was flawed because it ignored indirect effects related to: (1) upstream natural gas production; (2) greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, including secondary effects resulting from those emissions; and (3) domestic gas-to-coal switching.  FERC also rejected Sierra Club’s assertions that “the cumulative effects analysis was flawed because it lacked analysis of these effects (natural gas production, GHG emissions, and domestic gas-to-coal switching) when combined with effects from other past, present, and reasonably foreseeable LNG export facilities.”




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