Sabine Pass Files to Add Truck Loading Facilities at its LNG Terminal

Sabine Pass Liquefaction (Sabine Pass) has filed an application with FERC to construct and operate LNG transport carrier (truck) and International Standards Organization (ISO) container loading facilities at its Sabine Pass LNG terminal in Cameron Parish, La.  Sabine Pass states that it has not yet entered into any commercial agreements for truck deliveries, but potential customers could include “end-users, who may consume the LNG as vehicular fuel, as feedstock, or for other industrial or heavy engine applications, and entities who may engage in sales for resale of the LNG in interstate commerce.”  Sabine Pass projects that, on average, forty 12,000 gallon transport carriers would be loaded per day when Phase 1 of the Project is operating at full capacity, and up to 80 would be loaded per day when Phase 2 is operating at full capacity.




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