Cheniere Requests Prompt FERC Action on Rehearing of Sabine Pass Stage 3 Facility Authorization

Cheniere Energy (Cheniere) has sent a letter to FERC Chairman Norman Bay requesting that FERC act no later than June 6, 2015, on Sierra Club’s request for rehearing of FERC’s order authorizing the Stage 3 Project (Liquefaction Trains 5 and 6) facilities at the Sabine Pass LNG terminal in Cameron Parish, La.  Cheniere states in the letter that the Stage 3 Project is ready to begin construction, the entire capacity of Train 5 is held by two European companies, and the European community is watching “to assess whether U.S. gas will be a reliable long term supply.” It further states that FERC action on the rehearing request by June 6, 2015 is necessary to permit a final investment decision to be made for the Stage 3 Project.


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