FERC Releases Environmental Assessment for EcoEléctrica’s LNG Pipeline

FERC has released its Environmental Assessment (EA) for EcoEléctrica’s proposed 0.4 mile pipeline to deliver LNG from its import terminal in Peñuelas, Puerto Rico, to a planned non-FERC jurisdictional LNG Truck Loading Facility for delivery to large end-users to use as fuel.  The EA concludes that if EcoEléctrica constructs and operates the proposed facilities in accordance with its application and recommended mitigation measures, approval of the Project would not constitute a major federal action significantly affecting the quality of the human environment.  FERC Staff recommended that the Commission issue an order containing a finding of no significant impact and the inclusion of the mitigation measures recommended by Staff.  The EA can be found here, and the complete docket for the LNG pipeline can be found on eLibrary under Docket No. CP13-516.

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