DOE Receives Long-Term LNG Export Applications from Strom and Alturus

The U.S. Department of Energy recently posted on its website applications to export LNG submitted by Strom, Inc. and Alturus LLC.

Strom requests authority to export up to 7 Bcf/year of LNG over a 25-year period from a proposed LNG facility in Starke, FL to specific nations without a Free Trade Agreement (Non-FTA) with the United States, including primarily Caribbean nations, and also to non-specific Non-FTA nations.  Strom proposes to export the LNG using modular, scalable, portable LNG containers such a General Electric Company’s “LNG in a Box.”  Strom’s applications can be found on DOE’s website under Docket Nos. 14-56-LNG, 14-57-LNG, and 14-58-LNG.

Alturus requests authority to export 1.5 million metric tons/year of LNG over a 20-year period from a proposed LNG terminal near Port Arthur, Texas to FTA nations via ISO containers loaded on ocean going vessels or LNG bulk vessels.  Alturus’s application can be found on DOE’s website under Docket Nos. 14-55-LNG.


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