FERC Releases Schedule for Environmental Review of EcoEléctrica’s LNG Supply Pipeline

FERC has released the schedule for environmental review of EcoEléctrica’s LNG Supply Pipeline Project (Project), consisting primarily of a 6-inch pipeline running approximately 3,600 feet from EcoEléctrica’s LNG import terminal in Peñuelas, Puerto Rico to a non-jurisdictional LNG Truck Loading Facility, owned and operated by Gas Natural Puerto Rico, Inc., which would be utilized to supply LNG to large end-users in Puerto Rico.  FERC plans to release its environmental assessment for the project on May 19, 2014.  Other federal agencies with jurisdiction over the project would then have until August 17, 2014 to complete their review.  FERC’s notice can be found here, and the complete docket for the Project can be found on eLibrary under Docket No. CP13-516.

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