Japanese Concerned With Further Delays On B.C. LNG Tax Details

The Globe and Mail reports that Keisuke Tsujimoto, the Vancouver-based manager for the Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corp., a branch of Japan’s energy ministry, has expressed concerns with the British Columbia (B.C.) Government’s plans to develop an LNG industry.  Mr. Tsujimoto’s reservations arise from the announcement that while enough information on the proposed LNG tax should be available by Fall 2014 to allow companies to make final investment decisions on LNG projects, the actual tax code may not be finalized until the Spring of 2015.  The article quotes Mr. Tsujimoto as stating “[i]f the tax is delayed, the B.C. government may lose this big opportunity for energy infrastructure. It needs to happen this fall.”  He also voiced concerns with possible labor shortages and environmental regulations.

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