FERC Requests Updated Information on Downeast LNG’s Import Terminal Proposal

Today, FERC staff sent a letter to Downeast LNG requesting updated information on its proposed LNG import terminal on Passamaquoddy Bay, Washington County, Maine.  FERC requested, among other things, that Downeast (1) discuss how changes in domestic gas production since Downeast’s application impact its proposal, (2) state if there have been any changes to the market underlying Downeast’s proposal and, if so, provide an update to the purpose and need narrative for the proposal, and (3) discuss the status of any terminal capacity agreements with potential terminal users and, if there are no current agreements, provide an estimate for Downeast’s entry into such agreements.  FERC’s request can be found here, and the complete docket for Downeast LNG’s import terminal application can be found on eLibrary by searching Docket No. CP07-52.

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