Hawaiian Gas Company Responds to Protests on LNG Import Proposal

The Gas Company (Company) filed answers to Blue Planet Foundation’s and Sierra Club’s protests filed at FERC on the Company’s proposal to import LNG into Hawaii. The Company’s response states (1) that its proposal is under FERC’s exclusive jurisdiction, (2) that environmental review is not required at this time and, in any event, the environmental impacts associated with the proposal are insignificant, and (3) that FERC is not required to consider the potential impacts associated with future, currently undeveloped plans that the Company may propose later.

The Company also responded to comments filed by the Hawaii Department of Transportation, stating that (1) the Company will not be required to establish “exclusion zones,” (2) the project will not significantly impact traffic on Nimitz Highway, (3) it has met its public outreach obligations, and (4) it will comply with all federal and state environmental and other regulatory requirements. The Company’s answers can be found on eLibrary under Docket No. CP12-498.

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