Freeport LNG Responds to APGA and GCLC Protests Regarding DOE Export Application

Freeport LNG Expansion and FLNG Liquefaction (together, FLEX) filed answers to the American Public Gas Association’s (APGA) and the Gulf Coast Labor Coalition’s (GCLC) motions to intervene and protests regarding the FLEX application to export LNG filed with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). Responding to APGA, FLEX argues that APGA’s claims of increased domestic gas prices resulting from LNG exports are exaggerated and that limiting LNG exports “would constitute a de facto subsidy to domestic consumers at the expense of domestic producers.”

In its answer to GCLC, FLEX states that GCLC has failed to state a claim of interest in the case, has not supported its request for a second public comment period, and has failed to show that the FLEX application is inconsistent with the public interest.

The FLEX answers can be found on DOE’s website under Docket No. 11-161-LNG.

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