Alaska Approves TransCanada’s Alternate LNG Proposal; TransCanada Closes Alaska Pipeline Open Season

The Alaska Departments of Natural Resources and Revenue have approved TransCanada Alaska and its co-licensees’ request to amend their pending proposal to construct a natural gas pipeline from the North Slope to Alberta (Alberta Project) to include an alternate proposal to build a natural gas pipeline from the North Slope to a south-central Alaska port to export gas as LNG (LNG Project). Read more in Oil & Gas Journal.

In a related development, TransCanada Alaska filed a notice at FERC stating that it has terminated its first binding open season for its proposed Alberta Project as no precedent agreements for transportation service were signed with gas producers. The notice states that if the LNG Project moves forward, TransCanada will hold another open season. The notice can be found in FERC’s eLibrary under Docket No. PF09-11.

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