Three-Nation Alliance Submits Consultant’s Report Challenging Downeast LNG’s Revised Purpose and Need Statement

Yesterday, the Three-Nation Alliance submitted a motion to FERC requesting that the Commission reject Downeast LNG’s August 21, 2009, Revised Purpose and Need Statement. The Alliance specifically challenged the fact that Downeast filed a revised purpose and need statement for the project more than one month after the public comment period on the Draft EIS closed. In support of its motion, the Alliance submitted a consultant’s report by Dr. Howard Axelrod, which challenges Downeast’s August filing, relying on supply and demand analysis of the U.S. Energy Information Administration and the significant increase in production of Marcellus Shale gas supplies to demonstrate the lack of need for the proposed project. Find the Three-Nation Alliance’s filing in the FERC eLibrary under Docket No. CP07-52.

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