Rhode Island Attorney General’s Office Objects to Characterization of First Circuit Decision by Weaver’s Cove LNG

The Rhode Island Department of Attorney General has filed an objection to Weaver’s Cove Energy’s characterization of an October 26, 2009, decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit. Specifically, the attorney general’s office argues that the decision does not mean that condition 24 of the order approving the Weaver’s Cove LNG project regarding certain dredging issues has been removed, despite Weaver’s Cove’s arguments to the contrary. In its objection, the attorney general’s office argues that the First Circuit decision does not remove the requirement that Weaver’s Cove demonstrate to FERC that the Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council has certified that the project is consistent with the state’s Coastal Resources Management Program. Find Rhode Island’s filing in the FERC eLibrary under Docket No. CP04-36.

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