FERC Approves Several Modifications to Weaver’s Cove Onshore LNG Terminal Site Design

In a letter dated yesterday, FERC approved a number of proposed changes to the Weaver’s Cove LNG project onshore site design. Such design modifications approved by the Commission include placement of dredging spoils, the location of the LNG storage tank, and the locations of several other pieces of infrastructure on the site. Most notably, FERC confirmed that the Wedge Lot, which previously had been an obstacle to project siting, has been resolved since the government owns the property as part of a transportation corridor. However, FERC requested additional information regarding proposed changes to the spill containment system  noting that it could not approve Weaver’s Cove’s proposed modifications. FERC also stated in its letter that the approval “involves routine engineering modifications and does not authorize commencement of site construction.”

Separately, FERC also requested additional engineering and environmental information from Weaver’s Cove on a wide range of issues, including the design and operation of the planned offshore berthing proposal. Both FERC’s letter approving the design changes and the request for further information are available in the FERC eLibrary under Docket No. CP04-36.

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