Province of New Brunswick to Assess DEIS for Downeast LNG

Yesterday New Brunswick Premier Shawn Graham said that his Provincial government will perform a “thorough review” of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) that FERC released last week for the Downeast LNG import project, located in Washington County, Maine, directly across from the town of St. Andrew’s, New Brunswick. Premier Graham’s press statement also noted that the DEIS mentions “resources or effects on the Canadian side of the border, which are clearly beyond the authority or jurisdiction of FERC. For example, references to the application of the New Brunswick Endangered Species Act, or any other Canadian or provincial law, are misplaced.” Premier Graham’s press release also emphasized that issues related to LNG vessel transit through Canadian waters are the jurisdiction of the federal Canadian government, not the Province. The Telegraph-Journal provides additional coverage of the Premier’s statement.

Separately, the Bangor Daily News provides coverage of additional reactions to the DEIS. An official with Downeast LNG said that the company plans to begin meeting with Maine state agencies next month with the objective of filing relevant applications in the fall, and noted that the state review process will take approximately one year. A group opposed to the Downeast LNG proposal, Save Passamaquoddy Bay, reacted to the DEIS by saying that “[t]o reasonable citizens, the word ‘mitigation’ is a warning sign.”

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