Dominion Requests Expedited Action from FERC to Affirm and Reissue Cove Point Expansion Authorizations

Yesterday Dominion Cove Point LNG, LP and Dominion Transmission, Inc. (collectively, Dominion) filed a Motion for Expedited Action to Affirm and Renew Authorizations with FERC for the Cove Point Expansion project. Specifically, Dominion requests that FERC issue an order by August 29, 2008, that: (1) fully affirms and reissues the Natural Gas Act (NGA) Section 7 certificates for the construction and operation of the Dominion natural gas pipelines and natural gas storage facilities, which provide services independent of the Cove Point Terminal Expansion; (2) “fully affirms and reissues the NGA Section 3 authorization for the continued construction of the Cove Point Terminal Expansion”; and (3) authorizes the Terminal Expansion to be placed in service when completed because WGL has taken remedial measures to ensure that its system can accommodate safely additional volumes of regasified LNG coming from the Terminal Expansion.

Separately, FERC yesterday announced that it will convene a Technical Conference “to more fully address whether, consistent with the public interest, the Cove Point Expansion Project can go forward without causing unsafe leakage” on WGL’s system. The Technical Conference is scheduled for August 6, 2008.

Both filings are available in FERC’s eLibrary under Docket No. CP05-130.

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