FERC Issues Conditional Approval of Broadwater LNG Project

Yesterday afternoon FERC issued its approval of the Broadwater Energy LNG terminal proposed for Long Island Sound, subject to the adoption of over 80 mitigation measures related to safety, security, and environmental impacts. Reuters reports that, in support of the decision, FERC Chairman Joseph Kelliher stated, “Based on all available scientific facts, we approve the Broadwater project today, subject to rigorous conditions, because it can meet the projected energy needs for New York City, Long Island and Connecticut, and can provide the service safely, securely and with limited adverse impact on the environment.”

In a statement released yesterday, responding to public criticism of the proposed project, Chairman Kelliher said, “I regret that this proceeding has been so controversial. I respect public opinion, and we have gone to great lengths to respond to the legitimate concerns raised by the public. Doing so has been made more difficult by the attitude of some public officials in the region, who have chosen to exploit and inflame public fears. These public officials have done a great disservice to the citizens in the region, which is regrettable.”

FERC’s conditional approval of the Broadwater LNG project, as well as the statements of Chairman Kelliher and other FERC Commissioners, are available in the FERC eLibrary under Docket No. CP06-54.

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