SCAQMD Recommends LNG Imports Meet Lower Wobbe Index to Enhance Air Quality

The South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) is urging the California Public Utilities Commission to adopt natural gas composition specifications that require large, new supplies of natural gas to meet a Wobbe Index of 1360 Btu/scf. In a letter filed by the SCAQMD in the CPUC’s current rulemaking proceeding considering the adoption of gas quality and interchangeability standards, theSCAQMD asserts that such a maximum Wobbe limit would facilitate gas interchangeabilityand reduce air emissions, while still allowing new supply for the California. SCAQMD argues that a higher Wobbelevel could cause “NOx increases from 20% to 100% for some types of combustion sources.” According to the SCAQMD, Sound Energy Solutions and BHP Billiton have pledged to meet the prescribed threshold for LNG imported to their respective proposed import facilities offshore California.In contrast, Southern California Gas Company has suggested a maximum 1400 Wobbe, which SCAQMD says will not protect the air quality of Southern California and exceeds the4% variation allowed for by the NGC+ White Paper.


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