Local LNG Opposition Group Files Complaint Against Maryland Gov. Ehrlich’s Lawyer

A local group opposed to AES’ proposed Sparrows Point LNG terminal near Baltimore has accused Maryland Gov. Robert Ehrlich’s personal attorney of improperly securing state funds to help finance dredging at the Sparrows Point Shipyard, which also is the site of the proposed AES terminal. Bart S. Fisher, the attorney for the LNG Opposition Team, said in a letter to the state’s ethics commission that David Hamilton met with two state senators to gain financial assistance for the shipyard’s owner, Barletta Willis LLC, without first registering as a lobbyist. Hamilton said that he was not required to register as a lobbyist because he was only working as an attorney for his client. The US Army Corps of Engineers has said previously that the shipyard dredging and the proposed LNG terminal “have nothing to do with one another.” Today’s Washington Post has the story.

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