FERC Requests WGL Produce Gas Leak Information in a “Timely Manner”

On Thursday, April 6, FERC responded to Washington Gas Light’s request for more time to answer data requests issued by FERC Staff regarding leaks in WGL’s pipeline distribution system. WGL had filed a letter with FERC on April 3, the deadline for WGL to respond to the data requests, indicating that it was “not able to respond” by the deadline. In its response, FERC informed WGL that the April 3 deadline for filing a response was a rolling deadline and therefore “to the extent that all other information or explanations sought in the data request could be provided within the requested time, the data request specified that such information should be submitted in a timely manner.” FERC’s letter to WGL followed letters from Dominion Cove Point, the operator of the facility, and Statoil Natural Gas, one of the LNG importers, urging the Commission to reject the requested extension as a further delay tactic. Dominion and Statoil note that WGL previously relied on all of the information requested from FERC and, therefore, such information “should be readily available.” The initial data request and the letters between FERC and interested parties are all available in the FERC e-Library in docket CP05-130.

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