SES Responds to FERC Data Request

Yesterday, SES responded to 39 of 42 questions raised in FERC’s February 1 data request regarding SES’ proposed Long Beach LNG Import Terminal.  By March 3, SES plans to provide the remaining responses addressing revised thermal exclusion zone analyses using local meteorological data, documentation supporting SES’ assertion that the project will “reduce price volatility and ease gas supply concerns,” and details regarding “the potential beneficial economic impacts” from the project.

In the current filing, SES explained that Southern California Gas Company (SoCal) would not need to build additional facilities to receive 1 Bcf/day because SES agreed to limit deliveries to SoCal Gas to an average of 700 MMcf/day of natural gas with a peak capacity of 800 MMcf/day “once it was determined by SoCal Gas that 1 Bcf/day could not be received without additional facilities.”  SES also indicated that it was committed to supplying gas meeting a Wobbe Index of 1360 Btu/scf.  The responses are available in the FERC e-Library in Docket CP04-58.

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