Dominion Responds to WGL Gas Quality Allegations

Today’s Platts Gas Daily reports that Dominion filed comments with FERC addressing Washington Gas Light’s allegations regarding gas composition issues at its LNG terminal in Cove Point, Md. “These proceedings are so important, and WGL’s claims are so inflammatory, that a further response by Dominion is warranted,” the company said on Wednesday. Dominion maintains that the problem lies with the seals and couplings installed about 30 to 50 years ago, and installation procedures and daily changes in pressure levels that compromised the seals in WGL’s distribution system. [Subscription required]

The Cove Point Shippers (BP, Shell and Statoil) also filed a joint response to WGL’s allegations, affirming their strong commitment to the safety of imported LNG supplies. At the same time, the LTD-1 Shippers stated that FERC “should not permit WGL to hold up these important projects or to scare consumers with unproven allegations of harm, when the only possible conclusion on the facts in these dockets is that WGL’s non-FERC jurisdictional distribution system is in need of repair.” The LTD-1 Shippers filing can be found at the FERC e-Library in Docket No. CP05-130.

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