Cove Point LNG Importers Oppose WGL at FERC on Gas Leaks Allegations

Cove Point’s three LNG importers, BP, Shell and Statoil, filed with FERC Nov.17 a joint response to Washington Gas Light allegations that lean regasified LNG sourced from Cove Point has caused leaks on its distribution system in Prince George’s County, Maryland. The importers urge that FERC reject WGL’s position, saying that the dispute does not belong in the Cove Point expansion docket, that WGL has not demonstrated that the regasified LNG in fact caused the leaks, and that WGL has not met its required legal burdens. The importers challenge ENVIRON report submitted by WGL about the possible causes for the gas leaks. The filing can be found in Docket No. CP05-130 at the FERC e-Library website.

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