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Residents Weigh Pros and Cons of Bradwood Landing Project

With concerns ranging from security to property development, more than 100 people gathered at a public hearing on the proposed Bradwood Landing LNG terminal Wednesday night. Yesterday’s Daily News has the details.

NIMBY Issue May Lead to U.S.– Canadian Showdown Over Planned LNG Projects

The debate over constructing LNG terminals between Canada and the United States will test the relations between the nations, says business writer Eric Reguly of The Globe and Mail. [Subscription required]

FERC Representative Estimates 2016 for Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline

A FERC official said that a natural gas pipeline running through Alaska or a pipeline connected to the port of Valdez and a liquefied natural gas facility would help the state enter the gas market, but either proposal may take at least a decade to complete. Today’s Electricity Daily has the story. [Subscription required]

FERC Administrator Explains LNG Permit Process

More than 100 people showed up last night to hear a FERC official elaborate on the approval process for the three proposed LNG facilities in Robbinston, Calais and Pleasant Point. In addition, Sen. Olympia Snowe has asked FERC to hold another meeting for all Bay area residents. An article in today’s Bangor Daily News has the details. [Access to archived articles requires a...

Environmental Museum Says Harbor Islands Not a Place for LNG Facility

The staff of the Hull Lifesaving Museum, located in the Boston Harbor area, has expressed their opposition to AES’ proposed LNG storage and conversion plant, citing potential risks to the ecosystems of the Harbor Islands. See their op-ed piece published yesterday in The Norwell Mariner. [This article is no longer available online.]

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