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Analysts: LNG is Filling Gas Storage Inventories in United States, Western Europe

NATS [subscription required] suggests in its LNG Week in Review that the driving force behind LNG markets in the United States and Western Europe is the push to refill natural gas storage inventories. NATS also notes that price advantages for U.S. LNG destinations over European terminals has eroded. Separately, analysts with Raymond James released an analysis yesterday predicting that...

Op-Ed: LNG Terminals and Storage Facilities Present Security Challenges

An op-ed carried by the Baltimore Sun yesterday argues that LNG import terminals and storage facilities present safety and security challenges.

Canaport LNG: Third Storage Tank to be Completed by Early April

A company representative for Canaport LNG told Platts LNG Daily [subscription required] this week that it expects its third LNG storage tank to come online by early April of this year, increasing the storage capacity to approximately 9.9 Bcf and allowing greater use of the largest class of LNG...

European LNG Headlines

National Grid Mulls Long-Term LNG Storage at Three U.K. Sites (Wall Street Journal) [subscription required]

Alaskan Gubernatorial Candidate Considering Supply Options, Including Kenai LNG Plant

In his letter to the editor of the Anchorage Daily News, Alaskan gubernatorial hopeful, Senator Hollis French, noted the need for a Strategic Gas Initiative to create an “emergency storehouse of natural gas” for the winter. Hollis writes, “Whether it would be stored underground in old wells, or above ground in tanks, or delivered via the LNG plant in Kenai (which...

Construction Continuing on Elba Island LNG Terminal Expansion

The Savannah Morning News reports that construction on the Elba Island LNG terminal expansion is on schedule. A spokesperson for terminal owner El Paso Corp. told the Morning News that a new storage tank is expected to come on line in late...

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