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FERC Announces Technical Conference Focusing on Southern LNG Gas Quality Issues

FERC scheduled a technical conference to examine issues raised by revisions to the gas quality and interchangeability provisions in Southern LNG Company, LLC’s tariff. The conference is set for September 14, 2010, and further details can be found in today’s Federal Register.

D.C. Circuit Holds FERC Adequately Addressed WGL’s Concerns with Cove Point LNG Terminal Expansion

Yesterday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit determined that FERC adequately addressed Washington Gas Light Company’s (WGL) concerns regarding the  safety of its distribution system in light of the Cove Point LNG terminal expansion. The appeals court concluded that FERC had complied with the court’s previous order by limiting the amount of...

WGL, Dominion Present Oral Arguments to D.C. Circuit Over Cove Point Expansion

Lawyers for Washington Gas Light (WGL), FERC and Dominion presented oral arguments over the Cove Point LNG terminal Expansion Project to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. WGL argued that the Expansion Project would increase flows of regasified LNG on WGL’s distribution system, and those flows could cause damage to their equipment. FERC responded by emphasizing that...

FERC Rejects WGL Protest Regarding Impacts of Regasified LNG in Transco/Elba Express Proceeding

FERC issued an order today rejecting Washington Gas Light’s rehearing request regarding FERC’s prior approval of a new interconnection between Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line and Elba Express, a new sendout pipeline from the Elba Island LNG terminal. Finding that WGL’s concerns regarding regasified LNG from Elba Island reaching its system in significant concentrations...

FERC Denies WGL’s Request for Rehearing in Cove Point LNG Pier Enhancement Proceeding

Yesterday FERC issued an order denying a request for rehearing submitted by Washington Gas Light (WGL) in the Cove Point LNG Pier Enhancement proceeding. In its order, FERC addressed and dismissed all three allegations of error made by WGL. The order is available in the FERC eLibrary under Docket No. CP09-60.

Southern LNG Seeks FERC Authorization to Install Nitrogen Injection System at Elba Island

Late last week Southern LNG filed a request for review and approval to commence construction of a liquid nitrogen injection system as part of the Elba Island LNG terminal expansion project. Southern LNG states in its filing that the nitrogen injection system will help the terminal maintain its gas quality and interchangeability specifications and will allow it to treat LNG it purchases...

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