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Analysis: Shutdown of Kenai LNG Facility Creates Uncertainty for Local Gas Customers

An analysis carried in the Alaska Journal of Commerce suggests that the shutdown of the Kenai LNG liquefaction facility will create uncertainty in the local gas market, particularly during the upcoming winter months.

FERC Says Pre-Filing Not Required for Boil-Off Gas Compressor Planned for Elba Island LNG Terminal

In a determination issued last week, FERC informed Southern LNG Company, L.L.C. that the company would not have to comply with the Commission’s pre-filing procedures during the review process for the installation of a boil-off gas compressor at the Elba Island LNG terminal. FERC’s letter is available in the eLibrary.

Asian Gas Consumers Interested in Western Canada’s LNG Projects

Pat Bell, Jobs Minister for the Province of British Columbia, returned from a recent visit to China impressed with the level of interest expressed by potential Chinese purchasers in the LNG export projects planned for Western Canada. He told CFTK TV that he heard expressions of interest from Sinopec, PetroChina, and Shell’s Chinese subsidiary. Separately, an official for Encana...

Some Landowners in Shale Gas Producing Region Concerned with LNG Export Proposals

National Geographic News reports that some landowners in shale gas producing regions like Pennsylvania have expressed concerns with plans to export U.S. domestic gas as LNG to markets overseas.

Op-Ed: Alaska Should Embrace LNG Exports to Asia

An op-ed carried in the Anchorage Daily News argues that Alaskans would benefit more from exporting natural gas as LNG to Asian markets rather than transporting gas from the North Slope to consumers in the Lower 48.

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