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Op-Ed Criticizes Alaska Governor’s Approach to Developing LNG Export Project

An op-ed carried in the Alaska Dispatch today criticizes Gov. Sean Parnell’s (R-Alaska) approach to developing an LNG export project for Alaska’s North Slope natural gas reserves. Governor Parnell has called for a natural gas pipeline and an LNG liquefaction facility in southern Alaska to process and ship the state’s gas to Asia, but the author of the op-ed argues...

Local Citizens Criticize Elba Island LNG Trucking Proposal in Comments to FERC

Local group Citizens for a Safe Secure Savannah submitted comments earlier this month to FERC outlining their concerns regarding the proposal to restart LNG truck loading operations at the Elba Island LNG regasification terminal. The comments are available in FERC’s eLibrary under Docket No. CP10-477.

FERC Addresses Arguments at July 2011 Technical Conference on Dominion Cove Point LNG Tariff

Last week, FERC issued an order addressing a number of matters brought up during a July 2011 technical conference on proposed changes to the Dominion Cove Point LNG tariff. FERC adopted some of the proposed changes to the tariff, rejected others, and scheduled an informal settlement conference for November 30, 2011. The orders for the technical conference and notice of the settlement...

Atlantic LNG Says Operations Not Affected by High Security Alert

A spokesperson for Atlantic LNG told Reuters that operations at the facility are unaffected by a recent high security alert following reports of a plot to assassinate the prime minister.

Angola LNG Looking for Best Price for LNG Exports

Speaking earlier today in Australia, Antonio Orfao, chairman of Angola LNG, said that his company is looking for opportunities for its LNG exports in the best markets for LNG. He noted that although the project initially contemplated LNG exports to the United States’ Gulf LNG import facility, the company is seeking more competitive markets for its LNG. Reuters provides additional...

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