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New York State Files Reply Brief in Broadwater’s Appeal of CZMA Consistency Determination

The Suffolk Times (Suffolk, N.Y.) provides details on the brief filed by the New York State Department of State in response to Broadwater Energy’s appeal to the U.S. Secretary of Commerce to overturn New York State’s determination that the company’s proposed LNG terminal is inconsistent with the state’s federally approved Coastal Zone Management Plan.

Increased Domestic Natural Gas Production May Depress U.S. LNG Imports

The Advocate (Baton Rouge, La.) reports on the potential effect of increased domestic natural gas production on U.S. LNG imports, quoting one analyst as saying that, if estimated domestic reserves are as high as some studies indicate, “that just shuts down LNG tomorrow.”

Local Residents Express Support and Concerns Regarding TORP Bienville LNG Proposal

The Mobile Press-Register reports that both supporters and opponents of the proposed TORP Bienville LNG project expressed their endorsements and concerns at a public hearing convened last night.

EIA Administrator: Increased Domestic Gas Supplies Could Affect U.S. LNG Imports

Platts LNG Daily reports that the Administrator for the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), Guy Caruso, said yesterday that increased domestic natural gas supplies, particularly from the production of shale gas, could limit U.S. demand for LNG imports. [Subscription required]

NorthernStar Acknowledges Polling Ahead of Referendum on Bradwood Landing LNG Terminal

NorthernStar Natural Gas Inc., the company developing the Bradwood Landing LNG project, acknowledged that they have funded polling operations as a referendum regarding the project’s land use permit approaches. Such expenditures are required to be disclosed under state campaign finance laws. The Oregonian offers further details.

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