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FERC Requests Information From Consulting Firm Regarding Potential Conflict of Interest

In a letter dated today, FERC has requested further information from the Natural Resource Group (NRG), an environmental third-party contractor for the Bradwood Landing LNG project, “as mitigation to allow the FERC to assure the public that the work is being carried out in an impartial manner.” In particular, FERC is concerned about the appearance of a conflict of interest...

FERC Commissioner Questioned on Pacific Northwest LNG Proposals During Senate Confirmation

Platts LNG Daily reports that FERC Commissioner Jon Wellinghoff was questioned by U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) regarding the number of LNG regasification projects proposed for the Pacific Northwest. Commissioner Wellinghoff answered that the market ought to dictate which projects are pursued, but he noted that there is no reason FERC should not consider multiple impacts of several...

Editorial: Weaver’s Cove LNG Risks Override Potential Rewards

An editorial carried by the Standard Times (Mass.) argues that the potential safety and security risks posed by the Weaver’s Cove LNG proposal override its potential economic benefits, which include a potential 10% reduction in the price of natural gas for the region. Instead, the editorial piece advocates energy and natural resource conservation.

Daily Letters to the Editor

News Times (Forrest Grove, Ore.) (Against Jordan Cove LNG)

USCG Denies Reconsideration of Waterway Suitability Assessment

Capt. Roy Nash, U.S. Coast Guard, issued a point-by-point denial of Weaver’s Cove LNG’s request for reconsideration of  the agency’s decision to declare the proposed tanker route to Weaver’s Cove LNG “unsuitable” for LNG vessel traffic. The letter is available in FERC’s eLibrary under Docket No. CP04-36.

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